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IFTTT for the forgetful

IFTTT Recipe: Turn the volume up on my phone every morning connects date-time to android-device

I always forgot to switch my phone off silent in the morning, so I missed calls and texts. But now my life is changed! I can choose to ignore my phone, and I am truly alive.

I just liked Driven By Their Beating Hearts - fanmade video contest by Cynthia Rumery on Vimeo.

Blogging by voicemail using Soundcloud, Tumblr and IFTTT

I’ve set up a group Tumblr for GENE, which is what we’ve called our little group of artists and creative folk. We haven’t figured out exactly what we’re going to post there yet, but every group of arty types needs a publication and these days a group Tumblr is de rigeur.

Most of us are plugged into the internet all day and night, but George lives on a boat with no wifi and no smartphone. He checks the internet once or twice a week. This probably makes him a better poet, but it also makes him an unlikely blogger.

George Chopping


So I came up with a cunning plan. The only way we can ever get hold of George is by phone, so why doesn’t he call in his blogs from the boat? It took a few hours to find the right combination of bits and bobs to make it happen, but I got it working in the end using Soundcloud and IFTTT.

It turns out Soundcloud has a little-known importer that accepts audio by phone and has local numbers for the UK, US and Germany. You call the number, leave your message, press 5 to make it public and bingo, you’ve made some internet.

Soundcloud importer screenshot

IFTTT (If This Then That)

Soundcloud has Tumblr integration, but it will only post to your default blog. Since GENE is a group blog I had to find another way. Luckily I’ve been looking for a reason to use IFTTT for ages, and it does the job swimmingly. I linked it to George’s Soundcloud account and the GENE blog, and created this simple recipe to post the Soundcloud embed to the Tumblr blog with a little message underneath explaining that George had phoned it in:

Post voicemail to Tumblr via Soundcloud on IFTTT (screenshot)

Watch this space

Of course I still need to sit down with George and explain all this to him before he’ll have any idea what it all means, but at least it works. We can all look forward to some impromptu Chopping in our dashboards…